Case Study: Villa Development in

Property Haus was tasked with developing a stunning villa in Tbilisi, a city renowned for its rich cultural heritage and stunning architecture. The project involved transforming a dilapidated property into a modern and luxurious residence, showcasing the finest in Georgian design and craftsmanship.

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Renovation and Development Results

The transformation of the villa was nothing short of remarkable. The outdated and dilapidated structure was transformed into a stunning residence, blending modern elegance with the charm of Georgian architecture. The villa’s sustainable features and careful preservation of historical elements earned it recognition as a model of modern sustainable living in Tbilisi.


The project also demonstrated the effectiveness of Property Haus’s commitment to sustainable practices. The integration of energy-efficient technologies and systems reduced the villa’s environmental footprint and enhanced its long-term value.

Overall, the villa development project showcased Property Haus’s expertise in transforming dilapidated properties into profitable and environmentally friendly residences. The project exemplified the company’s ability to create exceptional living spaces while maximizing financial returns for its clients.

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