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Our mission

At Property Haus, we are your trusted partner in navigating the dynamic world of international property. With a commitment to excellence and a global presence, we specialise in helping you identify, acquire, and maximize the potential of prime real estate assets across borders.

Our system is based on joint venture projects, that is, we find niche opportunities, renovations, eclectic designs or undervalued properties which we partner with investors to renovate and revitalise for either a resale or high yield rental return.

International property can be difficult to navigate with different legal requirements, tax jurisdictions, government legislation alongside the language barrier – Property Haus has built a strong foundation of team members to streamline the process to make the journey smooth and successful.

Your international property partners

We provide comprehensive solutions for real estate investors, handling everything from acquisition to renovation.

Proven Team

Extensive property knowledge, over $350 million dollars in sales, property construction and development and an in-depth understanding of the government and legal jurisdictions.


We are partners, So finding highly profitable and strong yielding properties benefits you and us- A win win

No obligations

There is no obligation that you must partner with us on a property project. – We can also act as you personal buyers agents should you be looking to purchase something specific independently and not as a joint venture.

Strategic Investment

Our team carefully analyse market trends, economic indicators, and emerging opportunities to create investment strategies that maximize on returns

Full-Service Approach

Property Haus offer end-to-end solutions, from property identification and acquisition to renovation and property management, ensuring a seamless investment journey and a hands off solution for passive investors.

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Why Invest Internationally?

Diversifying your real estate investments internationally offers numerous advantages:

  •       Global Market Exposure: Gain access to markets with different growth cycles, reducing risk and enhancing returns.
  •       Currency Diversification: Invest in different currencies to protect your wealth against exchange rate fluctuations.
  •       Cultural Experiences: Enjoy the personal and cultural experiences that come with owning international real estate.
  • Capital Appreciation: Many international markets offer excellent opportunities for property appreciation.

We're committed to providing capital growth and delivering impressive returns on your international investments.

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